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In its most clinical sense, the goal of Model UN is to provide an accurate simulation of the real United Nations. It is this task of realistically simulating the workings of an organization composed of almost every sovereign nation in the world that forces delegates to learn the intricacies of state policies and principles, teaches them to unite in the face of chaos and deal with the problems the leaders of our world have been unable to by using instruments of dialogue and cooperation. The goal of Model UN is not to dominate; it is to lead. To combine different ideas, backgrounds, and approaches; to reason, collaborate, negotiate and draw on personal experience to create something that matters. To find real solutions to real problems. The goal of Model UN is to face conflict through collaboration, not confrontation.

From its modest beginnings in 1998, Sanskriti has grown to become one of the most reputed institutions in the country owing to its investment in fostering social consciousness and compassion. Model United Nations at Sanskriti began almost 9 years ago as a student initiative to develop commanding leaders; since our inaugural conference in 2012, Sanskriti Model United Nations has grown to become a close knit, passionate community involved in Model UN conferences across Asia. For 8 years Sanskriti has hosted almost 500 delegates from across the country in its annual conference; SMUN is also proud to host a diverse group of delegates from our international partners in Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Australia.

For these 10 years, SMUN has tried to promote the idea of Model UN with which we began this tradition. One that is linked to the Sanskriti philosophy itself- that critical thinking and negotiation creates powerful leaders. We remain committed to our conference philosophy- that Model UN is more than just argumentation and analysis, rather it is an exercise ultimately rooted in leadership and collaboration. We train our students in the skills of research, diplomacy, debate, and negotiation, and encourage them to take initiatives and responsibilities, thus empowering them with the ability to host, time and again, one successful conference after another.

SMUN is unique in that our secretariat invests deeply in creating committees that try to inspire a genuine understanding of global politics and international relations.


This year, as every year, we hope to leave you with not only a heightened awareness of our incredibly troubled world but an understanding of the diversity of opinion and perspective that form the foundation of the United Nations itself.

Letter from the Secretary-General

-Shreyas Bhardwaj

Dear Delegates and Faculty Advisors, 


It is truly my privilege to welcome you to the ninth edition of the Sanskriti Model United Nations, simulated virtually from July 14 to July 16, 2021. On behalf of the entire Secretariat, I extend a warm greeting to you all. 


"Find the fire within you that burns through all blocks and fears."

- Ashley Turner


At Sanskriti, we live by these words. Our emblem depicts a burning flame, symbolizing the inquisitiveness of every student, and Sanskriti Model UN is the fuel that burns this flame of knowledge brighter.


For the last decade, SMUN has presented future leaders and changemakers with a platform to collaborate on their ideas with mutual respect and diplomacy. Sanskriti Model UN offers the delegates a forum for quality debate and deliberation, yet, the learning process at SMUN is not limited to agendas, researches, diplomacy, and negotiations. The learning experience at SMUN goes beyond the three days of the committee. 


The conference acts as a stepping stone for the delegates towards creating an impact in society. Ideas such as fighting for the right causes, while using the right means, and opposing social injustice, even when it does not concern us directly, are deep-rooted in the conference’s values and act as teachings for the delegates. 


The ongoing pandemic has taught us a lesson regarding the unpredictability of life but has also reminded us of the boundless creativity that flourishes in times like these. Those who willingly analyse situations, research on problems, and collaborate on innovative ideas, would be the ones who will come out of the pandemic stronger. Two years ago, the thought of an online SMUN was ludicrous. Today it is these values that enabled our teachers and the secretariat to transition from offline SMUN conference to an online forum. 


Today, the world needs debaters to uphold the rights of the underprivileged; the world needs researchers to provide a detailed analysis of a crisis, and the world needs innovators to solve global and grassroots challenges. The world needs students like us, with the values of Model UN at our core and fire to prove ourselves. It is time for us to acknowledge our responsibility and put our words into action.


It is not an overstatement to say that Model UN has shaped me into the person I am today. The lessons learnt over the past five years have enabled me to look at a problem with the intent to solve it. I hope the delegates at this edition of Sanskriti Model UN find the courage to rise above the storms in committees and the outside world and come out of the conference as determined, strong and confident, to be the changemakers of a better tomorrow. 


Yours Sincerely







Shreyas Bhardwaj 


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Letter from the Under Secretary-General

-Pranjal Misra

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Greetings delegates,


I cannot express how proud I am to welcome you to the 9th edition of Sanskriti Model United Nations 2021. This edition is extra special: It’s our first online SMUN!!


This edition combines immediate and pressing challenges, like the National Capital Territory of Delhi (Amendment) Act and its ensuing controversy in the Inter-State Council and equity in global COVID19 vaccine distribution in the World Trade Organisation, with monumental events like the Third Anglo Mysore War in the Joint Crisis Committee and the Congress of Vienna. This is in keeping with our belief that the past is a treasure chest of priceless lessons for the present and future, and with our school motto: “Knowledge is Liberation.”


Over the past ten years, Sanskriti MUN has developed a reputation for excellence, true diplomacy and collaboration. To us, diplomacy does not mean merely being polite and respectful. It means representing your country in the truest sense - in your mannerisms, your actions, your stance and your conduct - rather than seeking to be the loudest voice in the room. 


The beauty and strength of SMUN have always been its student body. Every member of the SMUN secretariat is a Sanskritian who has demonstrated excellence and devotion to Model United Nations and the ideals it upholds. Our secretariat is composed of students who, not so long ago, were delegates themselves. They are thus empathetic, competent, involved in committee proceedings, and - most importantly- humble. At SMUN, we put you, the delegate, first. You form the core of the conference, and every organizing member aims to ensure that you have a thrilling experience  Whether you are a first-time delegate just trying to learn the ropes or a veteran, our mission is to ensure that you take from this conference memories and learnings that you will cherish for years to come.


I have personally experienced the change that Model United Nations has brought to my life, and how it has given me the greatest asset in the world: confidence. It has given me the belief that every voice is worth hearing. I hope that SMUN will help you find yours. I hope that it will make you a better-informed citizen, a more empowered voice, and ultimately a better human being. Welcome to the Sanskriti Model United Nations Conference 2021.


Yours sincerely







Pranjal Misra

Under Secretary-General

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